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Intekhab Khan
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Our lawyers offer advice and representation on all types of criminal offences in Singapore including traffic offences, Penal Code offences, Companies Act offences, corruption, cheating, theft, assault, drug trafficking and murder. Our lawyers have also acted for clients charged for offences under various statutes including Immigration Act, Factories Act and Road Traffic Act and clients prosecuting private summonses.

Our lawyers also possess considerable experience in white-collar crime prosecutions, Commercial Affairs Department prosecutions and have represented clients in several major corruption prosecutions. Our high profile matters include defending persons charged with corruption and criminal breach of trust.

We advise on criminal law and represent accused persons both in court and by way of written representations to the relevant authorities. Our lawyers work closely with experts in the fields of forensic science and medicine, psychiatry and private investigation.

Our criminal practice is geared towards aggressive representation for clients including plea-bargaining and making representations to the Attorney-General, both before and after clients have been charged in court.

We have acted for clients in a wide range of cases:

Offences against persons and property
Capital offences
Immigration offences
Customs and excise offences
Road traffic offences
Criminal breach of trust
Companies Act offences

Trade mark and copyright
infringement offences
Tax evasion
Disposal inquiries
Juvenile offences
Sexual offences