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The laws governing the family & marriage has changed greatly in recent times, reflecting the changes to our society and its values & attitudes. In particular, protection for the woman and children from family violence and financial neglect has been expanded in scope beyond traditional gender roles from as recent as a decade ago.

At M & A Law Corporation, we pride ourselves at being able to advise on a full range of matters involving the family, including:

• divorce, judicial separation and annulment of marriage
• financial settlements ancillary to these proceedings
• property orders involving both HDB & private residential properties
• maintenance claims and settlements
• custody and guardianship of infants and children
• adoption

We believe strongly in family bonds and the possibility of untold damage that can be done to a family and children in particular, from unnecessarily aggressive litigation involving family issues. We look to guide and assist clients towards a fair and negotiated resolution wherever possible.

However, with our specialist knowledge, we will still strive to ensure that our clients’ interests are fully protected in all cases.


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