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Today’s business world is increasingly complex and volatile. When your business is in financial trouble, a team which has a wealth of experience and understands the issues and obligations of creditors and debtors will be critical in achieving the best possible solution for you. Our insolvency lawyers will bridge this gap for you.

Our team of insolvency lawyers will work closely with accountants, receivers and judicial managers in preparing restructuring and rescue schemes for financially troubled companies and have been involved in managing some recent corporate collapses.
We have extensive experience in court litigation, namely, in bankruptcy, liquidation and judicial management cases.

Our focus is on delivering to our clients the best possible customised solution aimed at solving problems both commercially and expediently.

Our services :

judicial management
personal voluntary arrangements
court proceedings
credit / debt consultancy

enforcement of security
capital reduction


general litigation
international trade
cross-border litigation
building construction &

criminal law
domestic & international

corporate disputes
personal & corporate

debt restructuring
debt recovery solutions
family law
wills, probate & estate planning
personal injuries &
insurance claims

malaysia / indonesia /
china liaison

corporate & commercial law
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Intekhab Khan
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